Verisure Partnership - Residential and Professional Security

The security of your property and that of your close relatives, assured round-the-clock thanks to the high quality Verisure services provided by Securitas Direct, which are intended for both individual clients and small businesses!

In order to finalize your order you have to enter a valid ACN IBO Business ID in the Prospect File.

2 possibilities of making an appointment
    1. By phone with the prospect: After having filled in the prospect’s file, you call with your client the Verisure Contact Centre dedicated to ACN in order to make an appointment. Telephone number: 0800 80 06 89
    2. By Verisure
      • You connect to your Online Shop in order to fill in the Prospect file
      • Your client will be contacted within 24 hours in order to make an appointment with our Security Experts. A meeting will be proposed to the prospect within 72 hours

Why Verisure?

  • With more than 20 years of experience, Verisure by Securitas Direct is a multinational company specialised in the provision of services in the field of security of assets and of people. Today Verisure has 2.5 million of clients in fourteen countries worldwide.
  • Electronic surveillance round the clock seven days a week: in case of intrusion, the system triggers the taking of pictures thanks to a motion detector and it warns the remote monitoring centre. Thanks to the intercom system, the person responsible for remote monitoring may get in touch with the protected site in order to confirm the emergency situation and in order to allow the intervention of appropriate professionals (police and fire brigades) as soon as possible.
  • The all included formula: installation and intervention without additional costs.
  • Exclusive service: the alarms are installed only by Verisure Security Experts what allows our clients to have a unique contact person with whom to speak about every issue related to their alarm system.
  • Verisure quality commitment: satisfied or reimbursed during one month.
  • Verisure by Securitas Direct is present on the entire territory of France with more than sixty agencies.